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What machines do your company have?

January 10, 2020

20pcs ANCA RX7 5 axis grinding machines and 2pcs WALTER HELITRONIC POWER 5 axis grinding machines for the fine grinding of cutting edge of the carbide tools;

2pcs VOLLMER QXD 250 with 6 controlled CNC axes for complete machining of PCD/PCBN-equipped precision tools;

2pcs VOLLMER VPULSE 500 with tailor-made-5- axis kinematics for the machining of PCD/PCBN-equipped rotary tools;

4 pcs DMG MORI NTX 1000 5-axis linkage turn-mill combination machines for the making of complicated tools’ body;

More than 50pcs domestic CNC turning machine for the making of simple tools’ body;

32pcs special self-developed 3 axis grinding machines for the making of STRAIGHT BIT~our hot-selling product.